New Evolve extension release: version 10.3.0


We released a new version of the evolve extension: 10.3.0.

This extension extends core features around history rewriting and draft changesets sharing.

As usual, the release is available on PyPI and upgrade is recommended.

This is a feature release that comes with a variety of improvements and bugfixes. Check the changelog for details. The most notable changes are: improved rewind logic in cases involving folds, an experimental ability to perform evolution in-memory (only on Mercurial 5.6 and newer), improved content-divergence resolution logic in cases involving parent changes.

More details on in-memory evolve can be found in hg help -e evolve.

Thanks to all the people involved:

Evolve: 10.3.0

  • doc: document stack as a substitute for MQ's qseries
  • doc: document revsets provided by evolve extension

  • evolve: add a config for running evolve in memory (hg >= 5.6)

  • evolve: improve content-divergence resolution that involves parent changes
  • evolve: preserve wdir parent when using hg evolve --stop

  • obslog: clarify the command name in the help,

  • pdiff, pstatus: drop some irrelevant command flags inherited from hg diff and hg status respectively

  • rewind: detect and abort on cases when we rewind to changesets that are predecessors / successors of each other

  • rewind: when user gives only some parts of a fold, include the other parts as well, or abort if they are missing from local repo

Topic: 0.22.0

  • doc: change topic phrase 'disappear' to 'fade out'