Octobus provides you with commercial support for Mercurial, a free, distributed source control management tool. Our team of experts has an extensive experience with Mercurial and can help you with any aspect of its usages. Octobus was founded by Pierre-Yves David, one of the major contributors to Mercurial. Since 2010, we have landed thousands of changesets, fixed hundreds of bugs and brought major upgrade to it.

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What we do

We can provide a large range of services around Mercurial: performance improvement, new feature development, migration and deployment, extensions development for custom needs, bug fixes, performance improvement, users training, etc.

In addition, we offer DevOps consulting and Python related services: web performance debugging and improvements, Python testing training and tooling.


Who we are

Pierre-Yves David

Pierre-Yves David

I am passionate about developer tools and workflow improvement. In 2010, I was working on testing and continuous integration when I started looking into the Mercurial project. Over the years, I have become one of the largest contributors to Mercurial, with thousands of direct contributions and reviews. I drove multiple deep changes both user-visible (e.g.: the phases concept) and internal (e.g.: new bundle and exchange format, unifying transaction logic, etc.). I have created the changeset evolution concept, a way for developers to safely exchange and rewrite draft changesets. I am currently focusing on getting it to completion. In 2017, I founded Octobus to put my expertise at the service of improving the experience of other developers.

Boris Feld

Boris Feld

Sailing between the worlds of development and infrastructure, I have always attached a great importance to the reliability and quality of the products that I worked on. From the migration of a Django platform to the cloud, to the scalability issues of a machine-learning infrastructure, I always puts my energy in the hunt for a simpler world. Now, I dedicate my time to making the development world simpler by working on Mercurial and testing tools.