New Evolve extension release: version 10.1.0


We pushed a new release for the evolve extension: 10.1.0.

This extension extends core features around history rewriting and draft changesets sharing.

As usual, the release is available on PyPI and upgrade is recommended.

This version introduces support for Mercurial 5.6 and comes with a variety of improvements and bugfixes. Check the changelog for details. The most notable changes are: rewind command now has a --dry-run flag that shows what would be done; it's now possible to address the whole stack (as defined by topic extension) on newer Mercurial (5.4+) using foo#stack operator (where foo is any revset, multiple revisions supported); and there's now an experimental config option allowing a merge with an ancestor in specific cases.

Thanks to all the people involved:

Evolve: 10.1.0

  • compatibility with Mercurial 5.6

  • numerous minor changes to packaging, Makefile, README moved to README.rst

  • evolve: various improvements to content-divergence resolution

  • evolve: fix various issues with --continue when solving content-divergence
  • evolve: specify the source of config override for server.bundle1=no
  • evolve: avoid leaving mergestate after instability resolution
  • evolve: while resolving conflicts, the evolved node will no longer be a dirstate parent (won't show up in hg parents and not as @ in hg log -G, but it will show up as % with hg >= 5.4)

  • metaedit: update bookmark location when applicable

  • rewind: add a --dry-run flag

  • rewind: properly record rewind of splits as folds

Topic: 0.20.0

  • stack: support foo#stack relation revset (hg-5.4+ only)
  • merge: add an experimental.topic.linear-merge option to allow oedipus merges in some cases