New Evolve extension release: version 9.3.1

Pierre-Yves David

We pushed a new release for the evolve extension: 9.3.1.

This extension extends core features around history rewriting and draft changesets sharing.

As usual, the release is available on PyPI and upgrade is recommended.

The release contains improvements and bugfixes on multiple aspects. Check the changelog for details. The most notable changes are: fixes and improvements to discovery and exchange algorithm (and pushing in general) and improved support for Mercurial 5.3.

Thanks to all the people involved:

Evolve: 9.3.1

  • compat: make touch-noise and rewind-hash extra field be bytes

  • obsexchange: avoid sending too large request to http server

  • obsdiscovery: server no longer aborts with a 500 error if client sends a request without obscommon
  • obsdiscovery: avoid considering locally hidden changeset
  • single-heads: ignore obsolete section when enforcing one head per branch

  • evolve: improved behavior when evolving above the result of a split

  • evolve: checking for new head on push is no longer confused by mixed branches (or topics)

Topic 0.18.1

  • topic: fix auto-publish=abort with server that auto-publishes bare branches