New Evolve extension release: version 9.2.0

Pierre-Yves David

We pushed a new release for the evolve extension: 9.2.0

This extension extends core features around history rewriting and draft changesets sharing.

As usual, the release is available on pypi and upgrade is recommended.

This version introduces support for hg abort, beta support for python-3.6+ and various other improvemend and bugfix.

Thanks to all the people involved:

Evolve: 9.2.0

Bug fixes:

  • evolve: check that relocating makes sense in _solvedivergent() (issue5958)
  • evolve: test that target is not orig in _solveunstable() (issue6097)
  • fold: check allowdivergence before folding obsolete changesets (issue5817)
  • obslog: correct spacing of patch output with word-diff=yes (issue6175)
  • evolve: avoid possible race conditions by locking earlier


  • prune: improve documentation for --pair
  • python3: beta support for Python 3.6+ (thanks to Ludovic Chabant, Martin von Zweigbergk and Raphël Gomès for their hard work)
  • prune: clarify error message when no revision were passed,
  • abort: add support for evolve and pick to hg abort (hg-5.1+)
  • rewind: add --keep flag to preserve working copy

Topic 0.17.0

  • stack: make sure to preserve dependencies, fixes certain complex case