New Evolve extension release: version 8.3.0

Pierre-Yves David

We pushed a new release for the evolve extension: 8.3.0

This extension extends core features around history rewriting and draft changesets sharing.

As usual, the release is available on pypi and upgrade is recommended.

This version introduces various bugfixes and others changes.

Full changelog:

Evolve (8.3.0)

  • evolve: avoid redundant output when handling linear orphans
  • evolve: use stack alias s# in hg evolve messages
  • next, prev: use stack alias s# when relevant
  • rewind: add an undo alias (thanks to Pulkit Goyal)
  • caches: skip warming the stablerange cache on strip in "auto" mode

Topic (0.12.0)

  • topic: properly register the '{topicidx}' for mercurial <= 4.5

In addition, this release contains version 0.1.0 of the 'pullbundle' prototype that slice pulls and cache associated bundle. It is mostly unrelated to evolve. Read the mailing list discussion about pullbundle for details