New Evolve extension release: version 8.1.0

Pierre-Yves David

We pushed a new release for the Mercurial's evolve extension: 8.1.0

This extension extends core features around history rewriting and draft changesets sharing.

As usual, the release is available on pypi and upgrade is recommended.

This release contains many improvements to the hg evolve command. It now handles content-divergence and phase-divergence much better. In addition, a first version of the hg rewind command has been pushed. This command let you restore stack of changesets to a previous state. See the Changelog for others changes

This release support Mercurial version from 4.3 to the latest 4.7, tagged a couple of days ago. Support for Mercurial 4.3 might be dropped in the next version.

Version changelog

evolve (8.1.0)

New features and improvements

  • evolve: improve multiple aspects of content-divergence automatic resolution
    • branch changes handling,
    • parent changes handling,
    • description changes handling,
    • divergent stack handling,
    • improved resume, stop and abort of divergent resolution
  • evolve: improve orphan resolution when combined with divergence (issue5946)
  • evolve: improved automatic resolution of phase-divergence
  • rewind: first limited version of rewind command to restore stack of commit to a
        precusors state (check command help for detail and limitation)
  • evolve: add a --update and --no-update flags to evolve. It control final
        working copy parent
  • obslog: new --filternonlocal flag to hide change unknown locally
  • evolve: new help section dedicated to resuming operation interrupted by
        merge conflit, `hg help evolve.interrupted`.
  • evolve: show unfinished state information in hg status -v (issue5886)

Bug fixes

  • evolve: move bookmarks also when updating to successors (issue5923)
  • amend: abort --patch by saving an empty file (issue5925)

Compatibility changes

  • compatibility with mercurial 4.7

topic (0.10.0)

  • display a hint when a topic becomes empty
  • compatibility with mercurial 4.7