New Evolve extension release: version 6.8.0

Pierre-Yves David

We just pushed a new release for evolution: 6.8.0.

As usual, the release is available on pypi and upgrade is recommended.

The main thing about this release is compatibility with the Mercurial 4.4-rc. Multiple bits of evolve have been uploaded into core recently and evolution now relies on them when available.

Be advised that we are planning to drop compatibility for multiple older Mercurial versions and deprecated older experimental protocols in the next version. Our current plan is to support Mercurial 4.1 and above in the next release (7.0.0).

Version changelog

evolve (6.8.0)

  • compatibility with Mercurial 4.4 (use upstream implementation for obsfate and effect-flags starting hg 4.4+).
  • pager: pager support to obslog and evolve --list.


  • topic: fix handling of bookmarks and phases while changing topics. (Mercurial 4.2 and above only)
  • topic: fix 'topic-mode' behavior when amending.
  • pager: pager support to topics and stack.